Eyos NetLib (In Development)

A RTS network framework written in C++. A learning project to deepen my C++ and Network programming knowlegde.

Eyos NetLib is a cross platform (Windows and Linux) RTS Network framework. It was originially designed to be part of Eyos but it has been seperated as result of the rescoping of Eyos. The basic

The network architecture

The network architecture shall support the synchronization of millions of entities via the network. The chosen architecture was a peer to peerish server-client approach, with deterministic lock step, as described in the article Age of Empire Network Architecture and in the book Architecting Networked Games by Joshua L. Glazer and Sanjay Madhav. The host starts up a dedicated server on their machine and that one confirms the gameplay.

The underlaying socket library is ENet (Open Source Relieble UDP Socket Library) . It has been chose because of its multiplatform nature as well as the easy way to extend it. I have wrapped ENet types and functionality in Modern C++ concepts.

Project Information
Type: Network Framework
Duration: May 2020 - Ongoing Development
Teamsize: 1 Programmer
Roles: Author
Engine: UDP Based Network Framework. ENet as foundation
Platform: Windows & Linux
Languages: C++
Technologies: cmake, clang & msvc, git, GitHub Actions, ENet
Simon Renger
Engine and Tools / Network programming Student

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together — McIlroy Unix philosophy